AVAII Cream Hard Wax Beans 1.1LB


Versatile Wax Beads with Natural Formula. The cream hard wax, made with coconut oil, is designed to use on facial area and sensitive areas: face, bikini/Brazilian, eyebrow, upper lips and more. Works great for fine to medium hair.

Easy to Use. The hard waxes can be melt in low temperature and in short hardening time. Can be used on all skin and hair types, and for both men and women. No strips needed. Our film hard wax perfectly works for any wax warmer.

Painless Waxing Treatment. Natural ingredient, gentle to skin, nearly pain-free, and long lasting, say goodbye to shaving and strip waxing and achieve sensuously soft, hair-free skin.

For Home and Salon Use. Use without strips, highly flexible. Infused with soothing formula, our products are trusted by dermatologist and wax experts. And now you can have salon-quality waxing experience at a low cost at home.

Safe and Long-lasting Results. The hard wax beans can effectively help remove unwanted hair on your body parts, and you can enjoy delightful hair-free skin for almost 3-4 weeks! Vegan-free and 100% cruelty-free. Never tested on animals.

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DIY gift for your beloved

Cruelty free & beginner-friendly

Save your time & money

Say goodbye to coarse hair and fine hair!


Peel away unwanted hair for smooth body glam

Suitable for thick coarse hair

Used in arms, legs, chest, back, underarm and Brazilian bikini areas



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