Hard Wax Beans, Anruz Wax Beads Face Wax Hair Removal Waxing Beads for Sensitive Skin – Eyebrow, Facial, Body, Brazilian Bikini & Leg


  • 🎁Natural Wax for Facial hair removal. The specially formulated ingredients make our hard wax beans 2x more effective than traditional wax. Moisturizes the skin while reducing irritation. This purple face wax product is best used for hair removal of brows, upper lips, chin, and can also be used on the more sensitive areas of the body. No adverse effects like other brand’s wax beads.
  • 🎁Painless wax for the most sensitive areas. Our hard wax adheres only to the hair, not the skin, guaranteeing excellent results on all areas of the body, including the most sensitive. Heated at a low temperature to minimize skin reactions, our pearl beads doesn’t hurt too much to pull off all hair as compared to others brand’s.
  • 🎁ANRUZ Brazilian Bikini Wax. This refill hard wax is formulated for beginning users and it can be used on all hair and skin types – LESS PAIN, LESS REDNESS. Fast dry upon removal, especially recommended for delicate areas and sensitive skin. No cracked and broke off in pieces when removed and never get bumps on your bikini line.
  • 🎁Wax Beads for Eyebrow Hair Removal. The best wax’s for all hair, even get the fine hairs! When removed, gets all the hair in one pull and does not leave any broken hair. The waxing result can be up to 2-3 weeks, you don’t need to tweeze your eyebrows every 2 or 3 days. These wax will be your favorite hair remover wax for at home waxing!
  • 🎁Your 100% Satisfaction is guaranteed! Our valued customers’ complete satisfaction is our top priority! Give it a try for 30 days – if you’re not completely satisfied, we promise 100% money back.Our prompt & friendly customer service team is here to help you fix all the issues (Message us via Amazon).
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++Anruz Purple Film Hard Wax in beads make hair removal fast and easy. A specially formulated polymer base makes Anrzu the perfect solution to your sensitive skin waxing needs.

++Anruz hair removal wax beads can be used all over the body including the most intimate areas. Use on your bikini line, buttocks and nostrils for a smooth, hairless finish.

++Anruz natural film formula is the optimal solution to remove thin, coarse and any unwanted hair.


How to use Anruz Hard Wax Pearl Beads:

Step 1 – Warm your Anruz Purple Wax Beads until it reaches the right consistency (heavy cream consistency)


Step 2 – Liberally apply Anruz Pre Depilatory Spray to keep the area and clean and disinfected.


Step 3 – For sanitary reasons, ALWAYS use a clean spatula in the wax container. Apply a thin layer of wax in the direction of hair growth and leave wax to cool for a few minutes.


Step 4 – When the wax cools, stretch the skin and pull the wax off parallel to the skin with one single fast pull in the opposite direction of the hair growth.


Step 5 – To complete treatment, gently massage Anruz’s Post Depilatory Calming Spray Oil into the skin to remove any wax particles and calm skin.


What You Get:

1 * Anruz Hard Wax (1LB)


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